Equifax Data Breach Identity Theft

Harvey, Irma, Jose, Equifax - Disaster!

Have you ever looked through your credit card statement and been surprised to see a bunch of charges and none of them belonging to you? No, I did not just spend $350.00 on new fragrances from perfumania.com. I do not own a car so why would I need $70.00 worth of gas. Suddenly, you are overcome with insecurity, anxiety and fear. You start to panic. Beads of sweat running down your face.

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Wanted: Perfect Tenants

Wanted: Perfect Tenants

The perfect tenant is something desired by every landlord across the Country. What qualities are landlords coveting the most? Obviously, the top characteristics are someone who pays on time, keeps the property clean, and submits maintenance requests through the proper channels. Anticipating whether a tenant is going to be a gracious saint or an absolute headache isn't as simple as reviewing an application. To have the most complete picture possible for your tenant, it is important to screen your tenants.

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Criminal Data GPS

Criminal Data GPS

In our current age of technology, our maps are on our mobile devices and filled with more information than ever before. Most of these devices have global position system (GPS) integrations providing highly accurate location information. GPS without a map shows us where we are without direction to an alternate location, and a map without GPS lacks the guidance to get us to our desired destination.

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System Integration

System Integration

Like most industries today, the property management industry has many vendors offering a wide range of services to tenants, landlords and property managers. These services range from ancillary services like tenant background screening and online payment processing to core services like lease management and accounting. While the diversity of services available today has greatly improved and simplified the task of managing properties, it also presents a real challenge to individuals and companies that rely upon them - managing the flow of information between independent systems where critical data resides.

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Credit Collection Accounts

How is a collection report reflected on my credit report?

Creditors report the status of your account whether it is in good standing or if it's a collection to all three major credit bureaus. All information in your credit report shows lenders the credit worthiness you have accumulated. Therefore, if an account has become a collection it will appear in your credit report as a bad account and will remain there for up to 7 years. Collections decrease your credit score and will determine how another lender will decide to approve loans during the time of your application.

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Criminal Background Checks

One in Four People Have Criminal Records
Is your tenant one of them?

You have four applicants in front of you, could you pick out the one with a criminal record? Would you know what to look for? Do they even have a 'look'?!

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All About Credit Scores

720, 690, 840 - What do these credit scores mean?!

Let’s face it, FICO scores are important. They’re one of the most comprehensive tools which lenders use to help guide their decisions. And those decisions can, in turn, impact your life immensely. But what exactly is a FICO score? What are the fundamental elements that compose this humble three-digit number? And what are some steps that you can take to improve it?

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Fair Housing Tenant Screening

Fair Housing - Say What?!

Real ID, Inc helps clients stay compliant with fair housing. We want to make sure people are treated equally throughout the rental process. The fair housing act of 1968 protects people from discrimination when they are renting or buying housing.

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Ford Vs Toyota

Ford, Toyota, and Credit Scores
What do they have in common?

The relationship between Transrisk and FICO score are like that of Ford and Toyota. Two cars developed for a similar reason. They are the same mode of transportation but constructed with a different material, model, and value.

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Girl Ponders Credit Score

Will Your Credit Score Make Him Run?

What if your partner was like your car salesman, your mortgage broker, or your landlord? What if they had access to your credit score before first meeting you? What would it say about you? Would you still be together?

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You're moving in with him?!? Did you know...

You are in a committed relationship and planning to move in together. Obviously, when partners have gone ahead with the move in stage you feel like you know everything about your partner. You know their favorite food, favorite color, favorite movie, and credit score.

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FICO Score

How FICO Identifies Tenant Risk

Many landlords rely upon rental scores to estimate the relative financial risk of leasing an apartment. In addition to estimating risk, rental scores are an objective and consistent way of reviewing relevant applicant information, and help speed the application approval process.

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Eviction Reports

Eviction Reports: Do they really work?

When I talk to customers about our Enhanced Landlord Search (or "Evictions Report"), most often I'm met with the same two responses. "We've tried the Evictions Report in the past and it never seems to work" or "we already have an Evictions Report... why would yours be any different?"

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Decision Tables

Decision Tables — Fair Housing Friendly Tools

Have you ever noticed a collection account on a credit report and were unsure as to whether it was a real estate related collection? Stop guessing and start decisioning! Using and understanding the data provided by our tools will significantly improve your decison making and your rent collectability.

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